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Everything you need to know to block nuisance callers

Has there ever been a day you hated your phone so much because its ringtone wouldn’t stop ringing with bothersome phone calls and messages until you did this…

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

The following tips will show you how to block specific bothersome callers without losing the full capabilities of your phone. You can finally Choose Privacy without too much sacrifice.

Blocking calls on all smartphones

Because there are various smartphones out there, all running significantly different OS, I cannot suggest one method to work for all phones.

Instead I’ll recommend apps that’ll do the job twice as nice, regardless your phone’s OS.

  1. TruecallerThis app doesn’t just block calls. It creates a directory for known spam numbers, that way, if you or your phone don’t recognise the calling number, the app does. Truecaller app is connected to a frequently updated database of nuisance numbers which are added by other users of the app.
  2. Calls Blacklist: With this app, you can create your own list of numbers to block. Calls Blacklist can also be set to block hidden numbers, unknown numbers or all incoming calls.

It also has the added feature of creating a separate list for blocked numbers that tried reaching you while they were blocked. This helps you rate how persistent your stalker is and also makes sure you don’t completely miss an important call or message.

  1. Mr NumberThis free app can be described as a straight to the point, no nonsensecall blocker that pinpoints and blocks specified numbers. It also has the added advantage of being able to block calls based on area codes.

On some phones, especially older ones, Mr Number also filters text messages. I’m sure an update is on the way to make this benefit available to all users.

  1. Call ControlThis app also has a community-driven database like Truecaller, but it works better than Mr Number as a text blocker. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android phones. No Call Control for you iPhone users.
  2. Call Blocker Free:As the name implies, this app is free. It allows the user create both a Whitelist and a Blacklist.

Whitelist contains numbers that are important to you the user, and those numbers will always be able to reach you. The Blacklist on the other hand is the pit of darkness where all nuisance calls and texts are banished to. Never to be seen again by you, unless you let them in.

One slight flaw with Call Blocker Free though – Nuisance numbers can still reach you to leave voicemail messages. Not as annoying as getting a call or a text but still annoying.

  1. Extreme Call Blocker: A very professional call blocking service that is integrated with the FCC Spam List. With this app you get to block the most notorious nuisances on FCC’s list and create your own Blacklist for pesky callers. But I should warn you – this app isn’t free.

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