Ten tips for securing your luggage during travel

Traveling is a fun experience. You get to meet new people, see new sights, taste new flavors, and experience a new environment. However, you will usually need to bring luggage with you on these trips. These include your gadgets, clothes, accessories, money, and other such items. These possessions are necessities and losing them is enough to ruin your trip. Here are a few tips to help you avoid that happening.

Pack only what you need

When traveling it is normal to fill your luggage with items that you might need or those that will make your trip more fun. This is a normal but bad habit. When travelling, it is best to always limit yourself to just enough things to fit in one bag. Anything that is not absolutely necessary should be left behind. With electronics for instance, you need your phone, which is fine. Your laptop might come in handy if you need to do anything complex, that is okay. But do you really need your iPad as well? Will the game console really be necessary? Unnecessary valuables should be kept at home. This goes double for expensive items such as jewelry; if they aren’t playing an essential role, they should be left behind.

Pack and Carry Your Own Bags

This is one of the more important rules to always follow when it comes to protecting your valuables from being stolen. When you are on the move with your luggage, it is best to never leave the handling of them to anyone else. In these times, it is all too easy for someone to slip something out of them, or as is all too common, for thieves to simply disappear with your entire luggage. Instead, carry them yourself from place to place. If you’ve packed efficiently, this should not be too difficult.

Never Leave Your Bag Unattended or Out of sight

It might be difficult, even impossible to always have your bags within your sight. Sometimes you will need to surrender it for storage or a search, this is most likely to happen when boarding a plane. Beyond this time however, your bag should never leave your sight. There are thieves waiting for this specific thing to happen, waiting for a moment when your bag is unattended so that are able to relieve you of it. Sometimes, they will offer to help you store your bags somewhere out of sight, when other people are doing it personally or holding on to their bags. In these instances, object and ask questions. Do not accept blindly.

Have a secure alternative bag

Your travel bag should not be your only luggage. A backpack, a handbag, or a waist pouch is a useful item to have on your travels. These can serve for your smaller valuables, which are the easiest for thieves to steal without your knowledge. Items such as your phone, watch, passport, jewelry, and money should be kept in this smaller bag which can stay with you at all times, no problem. Additionally, this smaller bag will save you the trouble of having to open your larger luggage each time you need an item and it gives you additional space for your things.

Mail your valuables

This is a simple way to eliminate any risk of your items being lost during your journey. Items such as jewelry, electronics, important documents could be mailed to your destination ahead of your journey. Your items will then be waiting for you at your destination or might meet you there, safe and sound. This is not to say that mailing your items is a foolproof plan, but delivery merchants are fairly secure and will insure your items for you. It also eases the pressure you might otherwise have gone through during travel. On your return home, you can easily mail the same valuables back home and join them there.

Use approved locks on your bag

The locks approved by security services are not always the most secure, but they are often the best option when you’re going through those services. In their efforts to be secure, people will sometimes use unapproved locks for their bags. These will be removed when the bags are searched, leaving the bag without any locks at all. To avoid this, it is best to use approved locks, then change them later down the line for more secure options.

Invest in tamper proof luggage

It is normal to plan out your trip in terms of costs and expenses you will need to take care of. One such cost lies in purchasing the actual bags that will hold the rest of your luggage. When making this purchase don’t go for the prettiest, or the cheapest, go for the most secure luggage that you are certain will protect your valuables. This is often a little more expensive than regular bags, but makes up for it with the added protection it gives. This type of bag is harder to break into, and will show clear signs of vandalism if they are tampered with at any time.

Have a buddy along

Taking a trip with someone else will likely be more fun if you go with a person you trust, but it is definitely safer. With a friend, you always have an extra pair of eyes to look out for suspicious happenings, you have someone to watch your luggage when you are preoccupied, and you have someone to back you up in case of danger. Additionally, thieves are warier of approaching people in pairs or in groups as they represent a higher risk of them getting caught.

Traveling is often a lot of fun, people in new places are often very nice and honest. These tips are not meant to discourage you from exploring, rather they are meant to help you avoid any unfortunate happenings that could otherwise ruin your trip. So please, go out, stay safe and have fun.

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